Q  I just sent in my presidential primary ballot.  Why should I come to Caucus?


A  Our March 7 Caucus is an important step in our elections process.  At Caucus we will help determine the US Senate candidates who will be on our June ballot.  We will vote on & decide who the delegates are to go on to Jefferson County Assembly on March 21, and these delegates will have more opportunities to go on to Judicial, Congressional, or State Assemblies and possibly on to the National Convention.  We will elect our community representatives (Precinct Committee People or PCP for short). You will get to meet your Democratic neighbors and strategize about how to achieve even greater Blue Victories. Plus this is a perfect opportunity to become more active and influential in Jefferson County Democratic activities.


Q When is Caucus?


A  Saturday Mar 7.  Doors open at 1pm; gavel down at 2pm.  Come early for a great seat!


Q  Where do I go to Caucus?


A  There are many different locations, depending on your State House District.  They will probably be at a school close to where you live.


Q  How do I find out my precinct number?  How do I find out if I am eligible to participate in Caucus?


A  Great question – go to govotecolorado.com, the Secretary of State’s website for Colorado.    You can enter your birthday and zip code so they know it’s you and verify that you are registered as a Democrat.  Then click on County & District Information to see your precinct number. Note that the last three digits of the precinct number are unique in Jeffco so those are the three numbers you need.


Q OK, so I know my Precinct number.  Where do I go to Caucus?


A  House District 22 goes to D’Evelyn Jr Sr High, 10359 W Nassau Ave, Denver 80235

House District 23 goes to Carmody Middle School, 2050 S Kipling St, Lakewood 80227

House District 27 goes to Arvada West High School, 11595 Allendale Dr, Arvada 80004

House District 28 goes to New America School, 5806 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood 80226

House District 29 goes to Standley Lake High School, 9300 W 104th Ave, Westminster 80021


If you live in House District 24 or 25, there are multiple caucus locations for your house district.  Best bet is to go to the state website and look it up there. https://www.coloradodems.org/2020-caucus-locations/


Q That all just sounds too complicated.  Can’t someone just tell me?

A  Yes.  Email [email protected] and include your name and address and a volunteer will look it up for you.  You can also call Jeffco Dems at 303-237-1359 and leave a voice mail and a volunteer will figure it out & call you back.


Q  I found my caucus location, but there is another location closer to my house.  Can I just go to the closer location?


A  No.  Your friendly volunteers are preparing Caucus documents especially for you – with your name and precinct number and they will be at your assigned Caucus location.


Q What elected offices are we considering at the March 7 caucus?


A  US Senate.


Q  What about all the other offices up for vote this year?


A  Other offices will be decided at the County Assembly on March 21 if the jurisdiction is fully contained within Jefferson County.  If there is overlap with adjoining counties, another assembly will be held to nominate those offices.


Q  Can I just skip this Mar 7 caucus and go to County Assembly?  I only care that Andy Kerr and Tracy Kraft-Tharp get on the ballot for Jefferson County Commissioners.


A  No.  To go to County Assembly as a delegate you must first be elected as a delegate at Caucus on Mar 7.


Q  It sounds complicated to get elected as a delegate.


A  Usually you raise your hand and say you want to go and your new friends high five you.  Sometimes it is slightly more competitive.


Q  I am an Independent voter, registered Unaffiliated.  I want to Caucus with the Dems.


A  Sorry, you must be registered as a Democrat prior to Feb 14, 2020 to participate in Caucus.  You can always vote Dem regardless of your registration designation and we hope you do. You can change your registration to Dem NOW so you can caucus with us next time.


Q Do I have to be 18 or 21 to caucus?


A  No, you can Caucus at 17 if you turn 18 before election day Nov 3 and you registered or pre-registered as a Democrat.


Q  Do I need to register to participate in Caucus?  Do I need to notify the party that I am coming?

A  If you are a registered Dem since before Feb 14, 2020 and you have lived at your current location for at least 22 days, you can just show up.


Q  Is there anything special that I should do to prepare for caucus?


A  Validate that you are registered to vote as a Democrat at govotecolorado.com and write down your house district and precinct.  Then when you walk in the door you can bypass the precinct look-up step.


Q  Who are the senate candidates that I will vote for at caucus?


A  Candidates may choose to petition (collect signatures) or caucus to get on the ballot.  You can see all the senate candidates here https://www.coloradodems.org/2020-candidates/.  The candidates who have chosen to go through caucus and are eligible to be selected on Mar 7:

Andrew Romanoff

Erik Underwood

John Hickenlooper

Stephany Rose Spaulding

Trish Zornio

If you just cannot decide, you can choose Uncommitted.


Q  I’m still confused.


A  We have some superb trainings happening right now.  Look at our calendar or caucus page for dates and locations.


Q  I am a confidential voter.  My name will not be on the list.


A  Yes.  You will be asked to complete an affidavit that you are a registered Dem and you are good to go.  Our credentials volunteers will verify that you are a registered Dem.


Q  What can I do to get more involved?


A  We would love for you to run to become a PCP.  This is a neighborhood organizer and the direct contact between the Democratic Party and the voter.  Jeffco Dems always needs help with our activities – office work, mailings, data entry, event planning, making calls, writing postcards to name a few.  Candidates also need volunteers to help them get elected.


Email [email protected] or call 303-237-1359 to learn more.