County Assembly and Convention – Everything you need to know and do

State and Congressional Delegate lists here

April 5 Update  – The Results are IN !!!!!

Delegate results here!

April 4, 2020 Update –

Almost 94% – 815 ballots were returned out of 868 total – that is an AMAZING number!  Jeffco Dems has a lot to be proud of right now.  Some dedicated people are counting right now, observing best practices while maintaining social distance.  Watch this space – results coming soon!

March 29, 2020 Update –

Assembly Q and A  – We have had a lot of great questions about this process.  Here is more information

March 25, 2020 Update –

Ballots were posted to the US Mail on Mar 23, ahead of schedule!  Awesome work, team!  868 delegate ballots.  Because of our special times right now, we took special requests for alternative mailing addresses right up to the day of mailing, even resorting to handwriting addresses after address labels were printed.  So ballots went to Hawaii, Florida, New Mexico, Indiana and elsewhere.  Let me assure you that no envelopes or stamps were licked in this process although there were some jokes about it.

Our keynote address from Ed Perlmutter our US Representative from his dining room in Arvada

We asked candidates for Assembly videos to ask for your support…

Lindsey Daugherty – HD 29 Candidate

Amber Hott – HD 29 Candidate

Victoria Lopez – HD 29 Candidate

Gabriel McArthur – HD 22 Candidate

House District Candidates – meet all the HD22 and HD29 candidates

*** Senate Candidates – Each has a special message to win your support to take back the senate and represent US in COLORADO in Washington for the next 6 years ***

Trish Zornio

Stephany Rose Spaulding

Erik Underwood

Andrew Romanoff

*** DNC Delegates – These friends and neighbors are especially passionate about supporting Democratic candidates ***

Sheila Lieder

Gabriel McArthur

************ Quick Link List **********

Delegate List  << Check to see if Jeffco Dems has received your ballot yet

Details of the mail-in ballot process:   Our Mail-in Assembly and Convention Plan

Even more detail: Permanent Organization Report.

For a better understanding of all that will be voted on: What Happens at County Caucus and Assembly


We are having Assembly & Convention by postal mail this year.  We plan to mail your ballots on Tue Mar 24.  Watch your email or check back here for the latest updates.  And don’t forget to check mailbox at your doorstep after Mar 24 for your  official ballot.

Please email [email protected] if you are not receiving emails from us, or have unanswered questions.

Also, in consideration of coronavirus, all of our volunteers are working from home instead of the office, so please be extra patient with us.  We are monitoring our voice mail and email & we still love hearing from you.

************ Quick Link List **********

Delegate List  << Check to see if you are listed as a delegate to go to County Assembly / Convention

Delegate Ballot Request and Intention Form  << Let us know if you want to be a delegate for Congressional / State and possibly beyond, and your candidate preferences so that you can vote for Jeffco Dem delegates to advance.  DEADLINE Mar 20.  Note – There is no auto-response or acknowledgement.  If you vote multiple times, only the last one counts.  (Closed Mar 20)


Email from Jeffco Dems Chair, Susan Glass

Dear Delegate:

We have a few updates and reminders to share with you. There is no Assembly this weekend. There is no electronic meeting for assembly. All voting for assembly will be conducted through postal mail. Ballots will be mailed out early next week. Please fill out and return your ballot immediately. We MUST receive ballots by April 4th or they will not be counted. If you are having trouble getting your ballot into the mail by March 31st, please contact the office at [email protected]. We have a limited number of volunteers who can pick up and deliver your ballot.

All Delegates will receive a ballot.  We know you have been asked to fill out a form.  This form is ONLY for receiving the ballots to vote on Delegates State and Congressional Assemblies and Conventions.  All County Delegates will get a ballot in the mail for County, State House and State Senate races.

No Proxies – Because we are doing a mail-in ballot, no proxies will be allowed. If you are not going to be near your mailbox next week, please email us right away at [email protected] and give us a mailing address where we can send your ballot.

John Hickenlooper has withdrawn from the Assembly process. This means that we will not be printing or sending ballots for Hickenlooper. If you previously asked to be on or receive a Hickenlooper ballot, it is not too late to change your preference. You can fill out the form again (link is below) and we will take the latest entry you made.

If you need to change something on your form or if you have not filled it out, the deadline is March 20th at midnight. This is a firm deadline, the form will be taken down and no more requests to be on or receive a delegate ballot will be accepted. You can access the form at: Request for Ballot and Delegate Intention Form.

Office Staffing – The office will be open by appointment only until further notice. We respond to emails at [email protected] very quickly. We are also returning calls frequently, so feel free to call 303-237-1359 and leave a message.

Please continue to read your emails for all the latest information. Also, please take time to read the following documents for more details on the mail-in Assembly and Convention:

Details of the mail-in ballot process: Assembly and Convention Mail in Election plan.

Even more detail: Permanent Organization Report.

For a better understanding of all that will be voted on: What Happens at County Caucus and Assembly

Thank you and continue to stay safe.

Susan Glass
Chair, Jefferson County Democratic Party


The Jefferson County Democratic Party is committed to the health and safety of our community. Under the current circumstances, it is apparent that we cannot have our County Assembly and Convention as planned on March 21.

We did not reach out sooner because this poses some complex challenges. The process for holding assemblies and nominating our candidates is dictated by law. It will take an act of the Colorado Legislature to change this process. The legislature has responded to this need and legislation is making its way through the process now. We have been in touch with the Colorado Democratic Party and they have given us options for how to move forward. Those options are being considered by our Permanent Organization committee and they are putting together a plan. Rest assured that we will still take care of party business and ensure that our candidates are placed on the ballot. We will make every effort to ensure that the process we arrive at is fair, and allows as many people as possible to participate.

You can expect to see more emails coming to you with details and instructions as they become available. Please read these emails as they will contain important information. In the meantime, if you would like to be a delegate to the State or Congressional assemblies, we will still need you to fill out the online form by March 18, by clicking here. If you would like to VOTE for Delegates to State or Congressional Assemblies or Conventions, you MUST request a Delegate Ballot for each race by March 18. You can do that by clicking here.

We understand that you may have a lot of questions. Please be patient with us as we work out these details and wait for additional emails.

Please take care of yourselves.

Susan Glass
Chair, Jefferson County Democratic Party



Please check to make sure you have been identified as a Delegate.  On or after March 11, Click to see a list of Delegates.  If your name is not listed, please submit a challenge in writing to the Chair of the Jefferson County Democratic Party to be reviewed by the Credentials Committee. This can be submitted via email to [email protected]  All challenges must be received by the Party Chair no later than Monday, March 16th, 2020.  Delegate Link



Since all activities will be conducted virtually, the proxy concept has changed dramatically.  Proxy Link




If you wish to run for Delegate from the County Assembly and Convention to the State Convention and Assembly, the Congressional District Assembly and Convention or the Judicial District Assembly, please fill out the Intent to Run for Delegate Form.  Those who fill out this form ahead of time will have their name printed on a ballot that will be voted at the County Assembly and Convention. If you do not fill out the online form, you may still run for Delegate as a write-in candidate. All Delegates submitting an intention to run for a subsequent delegation MUST include their House District on the form.  Your house district is listed on the Delegate List or you may look it up on the Colorado Secretary of State website, in the County & District Information tab.   Delegate Intention Form




Since we are not having an in-person meeting we are not concerned with your lunch arrangements.  Let’s do lunch another time!