2020 Volunteer Sign Up

Are you fired up?  Are you ready to go?  The Jefferson County Democratic Party is gearing up for the 2020 election.  We want to make sure that Democrats across Jefferson County vote up and down the whole ballot.  We need your help.  We have two big efforts coming up:  phone banking and distributing literature.  

Dems with banner

Phone banking:  Phone banking will get underway September 25, but sign up now so we can get you set up and trained.  You can either use your computer or we can get you a paper list.  Sign up here .



Distributing literature (Lit dropping):  Lit dropping is going to start on September 11.  We want to get you signed up and get you a list of Democrats in your neighborhood ahead of time.  You can use an app on your smart phone to find the houses, or you can use a paper list.  Training begins September 5.  Sign up here.

Yard signs:  We are working to coordinate yard sign distribution throughout the county.

QR code for SOS website

Scan with smart phone camera to go to Secretary of State website.

Voter Needs and Registration:  We want all eligible voters to be registered with correct up-to-date information.  Is yours?  You can check your registration or update / register to vote with the Secretary of State at GoVoteColorado.com.  If you wish to assist your neighbors in voting setup, check our calendar for Zoom VNR training.  If you have questions about voter registration, call our friends at the Jefferson County Elections Division at 303-271-8111.

Drivers:  We will need people to pick up and deliver materials from volunteers to hubs and hubs to volunteers, all at a social distance.  After the ballots are mailed to voters, some voters may need assistance in getting their ballots to official ballot boxes.  If you are interested in delivering up to 10 ballots from a voter to a drop-off box, we are creating a list of ballot chasers now.

ArtistsWe are making banners for our candidates.  We need materials including white bed sheets and paints as well as free labor.

Fundraising:  While the pandemic has seriously impaired our fundraising efforts and activities, it has not at all reduced our expenses. In fact, it has increased our expenses – we have had to purchase Zoom licenses in order to host our meetings.  So please help us out if you can at DONATE HERE or mail a check.   You can be a super-hero by making a monthly contributor through our VIP Program

Fun-Raising:  If you love a good party and love party-planning, you can put your talents to good use in helping us plan and organize events.

Web:  Help us develop content and upgrade our website using your talents!


While these are our primary volunteer activities at this time, there is other help we need.  Please email [email protected] if you would like to volunteer in any way.  Also reach out to your House District Chair or Captain.  We also encourage you to reach out to any of our candidates to help them win their races.  Thank you so much.  Go TEAM BLUE!