Greatest Election of our Lifetime – it’s happening now!


Your ballot should have arrived – if you are a registered voter. 

  •  Please fill it out and return it ASAP
  • Check out our Democratic Candidates here
  • Check ballot issues and judges here
  • Mail on or before Oct 27 with a single Forever first class stamp
  • Drop it in a secure ballot drop box before 7pm on Nov 3
  • Visit a nearby VSPC for lost or damaged ballot or any other voting problems.
  • Track your ballot here 
  • Check in with your friends and neighbors – have they voted?
  • Does someone you know need help to get their ballot to a drop box?
  • Plan your watch party!


If you have not received your ballot and you are an eligible voter

  • Remember Colorado is a voter-friendly state – you can register and vote up through Election Day 
  • Visit your friendly nearby VSPC   (Voter Service and Polling Center)
  • Call the Jefferson County elections office 303-271-8111
  • Ask for help if you need help



  • Update – our office is closed now.  Come get them at our office Mon – Fri 10am – 2pm
  • Call and we can give you a location where you can pick up yard signs.
  • Call 303-237-1359 or email [email protected] for questions.


How to help

  • Call likely Dem voters who have not yet voted.
    • Nearly half of registered voters did not vote in 2016.  We must do all that we can to remedy.
    • Sign up here
  • Friends, family and neighbors may need help or encouragement.